salt & caramel - wall art with flavor.


There’s just something about salted caramel. The combination of salty and sweet is a blend of two distinct flavors that feel like the perfect warm hug. I created salt & caramel for the same reason (ok, it might also be my favorite thing in life besides my husband!). This is my personal love story - marrying the magic and inspiration of the world with hand-woven wall hangings and other fiber art. 

Made by hand and one-of-a-kind, every piece is a harmonious mix of a clean scandic design with a modern, yet bohemian style. High-quality merino wool, the softest cashmere, silk, and other eco-friendly materials make every tapestry look chic and stylish while adding distinct textural elements from nature. All of my pieces are individually hand-crafted with care, guaranteeing that whichever piece you buy is an inspired and unique flavor, just like you.

My dream is that you choose one that matches your own individuality and speaks to your soul, but that it also elicits oohs and aahs from your friends and family.


meet the maker

Hi, I’m Anne, the maker and creator of salt & caramel, a German artist and dancing soul living in NYC.

I’ve always wanted to inspire people and make them feel loved. And while I began my adult life as anything but a typical creative, (I graduated from the German Cancer Research Center with a Ph.D. in Biology & Tumor Genetics and kicked off my professional career in pharmaceutical & consumer goods marketing!) I’ve always had a crafty-artesian side.

Creating hand-woven wall hangings and other fiber art has become my latest passion, and it’s what makes me excited to wake up in the morning. In other words, it’s the best cup of coffee I can have...and I really LOVE coffee. I’ve always had an ability to assemble things (thus my scientific background), but I’ve also had a knack for interior design, reimagining high quality, natural materials into modern & sleek designs. In fact, I planned, designed, and produced my wedding, which got my husband Daniel and I featured in a 14-page article in the German magazine Weddingstyle. So, it should come as no surprise that when I left Germany and Switzerland I brought my original barn windows and wooden ladder to my now teeny apartment in the West Village of NYC.

When I’m not helping other lifestyle brands to further grow or I’m not weaving a new wall hanging, you can find me upside down trying a new yoga posture, sipping coffee on my favorite park bench, rifling through flea markets to find the perfect cake serving set, and propagating my happy Pilea “pups” to share them with my friends.


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