what is my (he)art worth to you? 💎

artwork auction. make your bid!

How much do you value art or handmade items? How much is my work worth? It's a conversation I often have with friends, family, even strangers, and (last but not least) myself. So I was all in when Annika (Founder of SOULBASE magazine) approached me with the idea of project VALUE.


The Story Behind Project VALUE

We strongly value the work of artists and creatives. With project VALUE our goal is to strengthen transparency, understanding, and value for artists, small brands, and creatives among consumers and society. Our approach is to shed light on what it means to bring an art piece to life by sharing the process and behind-the-scenes details that show the amount of love and labor poured into creating something.


How Does Project VALUE work?

SOULBASE asked me to create a custom, one-of-a-kind wall (he)art for them. To help people connect with it and explain the value of handmade, artisanal goods we shared the behind-the-scenes design and weaving process on Instagram. On top, we hosted multiple IG LIVE sessions about my work, what drives me, and explained what goes into salt & caramel.


Auction Day - Make Your Best Bid!

We decided to create an art auction for the custom weaving. That allows you to bid on it while considering what the woven piece is worth to you. On auction day - SATURDAY, April 16th - SOULBASE will release my weaving on their Instagram account and open the bidding process for 24 hours. All proceeds will get donated to the nonprofit Color Outside The Lines.

Psst, sneak peek at the woven wall (he)art up for auction and some #weavingmoments below :)

What is my (he)art worth to you?

hugs & kisses,



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