· w a l l s · are · meant · for · climbing ·

but first DECORATING.

Not only have I started running official races with NYRR (#2022goals), but even more, I signed up for my first Spartan Race in October. So yes, I'll be literally climbing a few walls until then next to decorating the one or other wall in your loving homes :)

I'll leave the climbing instructions to all the top-notch trainers out there, but here are my techniques on how I tackled decorating one of our walls at home - e n j o y !

hugs & kisses,


walls are meant for decorating


Choose a theme, design style, or color palette to create a cohesive look & feel!
I currently vibe for a minimalistic design with clean lines (thus the lean gallery frames), a lot of white mixed with black, and a pinch of neon. But that's me. You do you - just choose with an intention.


An eclectic gallery wall never goes out of style!
However, you can take the idea to the next level by creating a mixed media gallery wall.
Think of prints, paintings or drawings, crafted or collected objects, photography, sculptures, and (of course!) handwoven fiber art to play with different textures, types of visual art, and art forms.


Hang in there!
I choose not to hang everything. Instead, I lean framed art against my wall (think gallery shelves!). I love the effortless (but intentional) look. So oh-la-la french.
Drilling holes is also not my cup of tea. To mount lighter objects, I make the hook part of the design. I use decorative metal clips, clothespins, or wooden beads and stick them to my wall with the help of reusable adhesive (kinda like pay dough with a putty-like texture). Spotless flexibility at its best :)

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