learn 🤍 launch 🤍 love 🤍

I'm feeling 2022.

Just thinking about setting a typical new years resolution makes me cringe. Don't get me wrong - I'm an ambitious person. However, I'm just not about chasing (usually for a few weeks only!) a goal like an individual number or general idea that often has no context. Instead, my artsy-spiritual-me is more about setting intentions and creating stories.

So rethinking my 2022 with the help of the 'Learn - Launch - Love' concept (by Jay Shetty, of course!) totally got me ♥

l e a r n 
Multi-color knitting and other techniques are on my want-to-learn list. But I'm also planning to experiment with paint, framing techniques, and other materials when weaving.

l a u n c h 
Think new fiber art objects other than wall hangings and tote bags. New collaborations and brand partners (omg so excited!). First weave-along pop-ups like the one at Club Cumming in March. And me starting to run official NYC races for the first time (this is totally out of my comfort zone, so heck yeah!)

l o v e 
From the bottom of my heart, I want to create more custom weavings because it's what I love the most when it comes to my creative life. You trusting me is one of the greatest honors. It's always so personal, and I'm amazed how it lets you, your home, and I connect. So I'll make more room for such work in my calendar, pinky promise :)

hugs & kisses,


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