home is where the anchor drops.

okay, okay - I've definitely dropped my anchor multiple times (and that's totally fine!). In different countries and cities, sometimes I stayed longer, sometimes time was more limited. But it's true that no matter where I went, I made that place my home.

Recently, Turks and Caicos became home for a few days. It was breathtaking, simply stunning - the colors of the water were magical. Nature is art (and so much more!) - so I had to bring some of it with me to your homes.

To re-create the magic, I carefully selected different eco-friendly yarn treasures: buttery soft and chunky merino wool, recycled sari silk ribbon, irresistibly lofty long hair angora from France, and cotton frizz art yarn. I hope you are in love.

hugs & kisses,

PS: yes, I'm an island addict (oh Manhattan, I love you so much!)



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