Be a GO-GIVER ♥ share with others.

'Be a go-GIVER (instead of a go-getter) because go-givers receive abundance! The best way to succeed is not to take everything from life for yourself, but to share it with others.' is what Jay Shetty was explaining in one of my latest podcast episodes. True :)

So while finishing the setup of my first stand-alone website for salt & caramel (yup, it's here!), I can only nod and think of all these amazing go-givers - blessed with the best. So yes, I'm sharing my brand new website with you today (confetti rain!). But even more importantly, let me introduce you to these incredible three ladies who supported me to make it happen (chin-chin!). t h a n k y o u !

hugs & kisses,


meet my #GO-GIVERS 


Danielle Hughes - Chief Personality Officer

Danielle Hughes More Than Words Copy Writing

Yup, it's true - she's a wordsmith, a magician, a copywriter extraordinaire, a lifesaver, and a badass. She helped me to articulate my brand personality (especially in a second language), creating content that sounds like me while giving me the space to truly be myself in my messaging. And yes, I think she can even pull a rabbit out of her hat ;)








Jamie B. Gelbtuch - Founder & Principal Consultant

Jamie Gelbtuch Cultural Mixology

She's a strategic thinker, an expert for multicultural environments, an NYC-based cosmopolite, and a leadership coach. We met when I relocated in 2017. Ever since she has been helping me to navigate and achieve my industry switch (remember when I did pharma marketing?!). With her, I landed my first gigs in consumer & fashion marketing and ended up assisting in some fun Vogue and influencer photoshoots. So when I had to figure out all the ooh-not-so-pleasant- paperwork for salt & caramel - she was the yin to my artsy yang.






Eva - Photographer

Eva fotografiert Photographer

She captures moments using all her senses (AND lots of love!). So yes, she might do a photoshoot barefoot to feel it all. Eva is phenomenal. Her work is warm, full of life, always embracing the invisible magic between the lines. Her photography touches your heart. And I guess that's exactly why I asked her to teach me how to bring life to my product shoots, how to capture the texture and richness of my fiber artwork in a one-dimensional photo. A tough cookie tbh - but she has been patiently teaching me all her best practices to make me feel comfortable presenting my art on the website (still learning though).






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