a little DIY never killed nobody 🍂🌰

so we gon' craft until we drop.

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Yes, while I was just about to finish my 2021 running challenge - 1000
km in a year - I spotted some beautiful acorn cupules on my way. Ok, I first made sure that I got my last kilometers in (#goals!), but at the same time, I made a mental note to come back to that place to collect some of them.

So I did, and back home, I started crafting some autumn ornaments with them while using my freshly arrived nettle yarn and silk ribbons (hello nature!). It only took me some minutes, so I think that this little autumn DIY won't kill anybody :)

e n j o y ♥ my dear yarn lovers!

hugs & kisses, anne



s t e p . b y . s t e p
autumn fiber art DIY


m a t e r i a l s
⋆ acorn cupules (top part of an acorn)
⋆ yarn, ribbon, or wool
⋆ durable twine
⋆ manual hand drill
⋆ scissor


s t e p . 1
bind a bunch of 3'' - 4'' long yarn scraps together using twine, make a double knot (and have some tea!)


s t e p . 2
drill a hole into the cupule and thread the twine through the hole. use some hot glue (careful ! it's hot !) to attach the yarn tassel to the acorn cap.


s t e p . 3
give your autumn ornament a haircut and trim the yarn as short as you want it to be.

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